<h1>Westfield Youth Panel Bedroom Set by Hillsdale Furniture</h1> <h2>Westfield Headboard Twin Size White Finish</h2> <h2>Westfield Headboard Full Size White Finish</h2> <h2>Westfield Youth Bed Twin Size White Finish</h2> <h2>Westfield Youth Bed Full Size White Finish</h2> <h2>Westfield Chest of Drawers White Finish</h2> <h2>Westfield Youth Dresser with Mirror White Finish</h2> <h2>Westfield Youth Dresser without Mirror White finish</h2> <h2>Westfield Youth Nightstand White Finish</h2> <h2>Westfield Student Desk White Finish</h2>
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Westfield Youth
Panel Bedroom Set

Great Priced Furniture Product Number: 51240645
Manufacturer: Hillsdale Furniture
Collection: Westfield Bedroom Collection

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One of Hillsdale Furniture's best selling items, the Westfield Youth Panel Bedroom is a simplistic country cottage design, yet durable and designed with children in mind.

  • Solid Hardwoods Construction
  • Unique Country Cottage Front Facings
  • Requires a Bolt-On-Style Headboard / Footboard Bed Frame
Westfield Youth Panel Bedroom Collection
Consists of:
25956 Westfield Headboard Twin Size White Finish (52"H)
  • 25956 Westfield Headboard Twin Size  (52"H)
  • 25956 Westfield Headboard Post Kit (2) Twin Size
25957 Westfield Headboard Full Size White Finish  (52"H)
  • 25957 Westfield Headboard Full Size White Finish (52"H)
  • 25957 Headboard Post Kit (2)
25958 Westfield Bed Twin Size White Finish (41"W 52"H)
  • 25958 Westfield Headboard Twin Size White Finish  (41"W 52"H)
  • 25958 Westfield Footboard Twin Size White Finish (41"W  30"H)
25959 Westfield Bed Full Size White Finish (41"W 52"H)
  • 25959 Westfield Headboard Full Size White Finish  (56"W 52"H)
  • 25959 Westfield Footboard Full Size White Finish (56"W  30"H)
25964 Westfield Chest of Drawers (32"W 18"D 40 1/2"H)

25968 Westfield Youth Dresser with Mirror 
  • 25968 Westfield Youth Dresser (54"W 18"D 31 1/2"H)
  • 25968 Westfield Mirror  (30"W 44"H)
25969 Westfield Dresser White Finish  (54"W 18"D 31 1/2"H)

25970 Westfield Nightstand White Finish  (23 1/4"W 15"D 26"H)

25971 Westfield Student Desk White Finish (52"L 24"D 30"H)
Product Category:
Children's Furniture > Kid's Bedroom Sets > Children's Panel Bedroom Sets

Related Category:
Bedroom Furniture > Mattress & Boxspring

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