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Saddle Red House Revival Dining Set

Great Priced Furniture Product Number: 51241485
Manufacturer: Stanley Furniture
Collection: Modern Craftsman Saddle Collection

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  • Round Table Top
  • Fitter's Margin
  • Overlapping Joints
*Actual Finish Shown in Detailed Images*

29516 Red House Revival Table  (42"Diameter 30"H)
Consists of:
  • Round Table Top
  • Pedestal Table Base
29517 Saddle Morris School Side Chair  (21.13"W 25.13"D 42.5"H)

29518 Saddle Morris School Arm Chair  (27"W 25.13"D 42.5"H)

29511 Saddle Midcentury Buffet  (70.63"W 18"D 42"H)

29512 Saddle Midcentury Buffet with Picture Box Portfolio Mirror
Consists of:
  • Midcentury Buffet  (70.63"W 18"D 42"H)
  • Picture Box Portfolio Mirror  (40.19"W 2.38"D 44.19"H)
29513 Artisan Riverledge Buffet  (64.82"W 19.25"D 42"H)

29514 Saddle Transom Top Taboret  (35.63"W 19.25"D 37.13"H)
Product's Categories:
Dining Room Furniture > Dining Room Table Sets > Round Wood Dining Table Sets
New Furniture Arrivals > New Dining Furniture

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