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Pulaski Furniture
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Pulaski Furniture

Pulaski Furniture

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Pulaski Furniture Corporation. One of America's top 20 Furniture Manufacturers

In business since 1955, Pulaski is a privately owned company now successfully celebrating its 50th Anniversary. As one of America's top 20 furniture manufacturers, Pulaski has a long and rich tradition of designing and building stylish furniture that will bring your home alive.

Founded in Pulaski, Virginia, and taking the name of the town as its own, Pulaski design and build a broad selection of collector's cabinets, curios, accent pieces as well as famous Pulaski bedroom furniture and dining room furniture for all your lifestyle needs. The company believes their customers will take great pride in having Pulaski Furniture products in their homes because they will add beauty, enjoyment, and value to their lives.

A Pulaski Curio Cabinet is a true Treasure

In 1994, Pulaski built a highly mechanized Curio Cabinet manufacturing facility with the best available technologies from around the world, and to this day, it is one of the most efficient curio production facilities in the world.

Pulaski solid wood cabinets mellow and age with time beautifully. Each piece of lumber is carefully hand selected, graded, and inspected for strength and durability. Adjustable interior incandescent lighting allows a display setting that gives treasures the spotlight they deserve.

American made Curios. Hand-Crafted with Pride for over half a Century

Pulaski precision engineering is three times more precise than the industry standard, guaranteeing Pulaski curios will always open and close with ease. A 17-step finishing process ensures the character and beauty of the wood remain as durable and beautiful as the day it was crafted. Pulaski curio cabinets are inspected six times before they leave the plant, assuring the finest quality control.

From Pulaski bedroom furniture to curios and everything in between, Pulaski has a wonderful selection of fine quality pieces for you to choose from.

If you do not see the Pulaski Furniture you are looking for on our web site please call us Toll Free: 1-804 249 4444. We can obtain all furniture in the Pulaski catalog and we'll be delighted to quote you a great price.

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