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Lexington Furniture
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Lexington Furniture
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Lexington Furniture

Lexington Furniture

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Lexington Home Brands

When searching for some of the most well-respected brands in furniture, any list that didn't include the high-end manufacturer Lexington furniture would be incomplete. This brand-driven powerhouse has been wowing homeowners and decorators for years with sensationally stylish looks that seem to capture "snapshots" of elegance and serenity and make them available for the home. From their beginnings with the successful Bob Timberlake collection over twenty years ago, Lexington has only continued to raise the bar with every new collection, leaving their large following of brand admirers breathlessly waiting for their latest designs and selections.

When one imagines high end lifestyles and rich interiors, the many properties and image of famous investor and personality Donald Trump undoubtedly come to mind. Lexington furniture now offers this unique style embodied in the luxurious offerings of their Trump Home line. With pieces that would be right at home in the penthouse suites of their namesake's hotels, the Trump Home collection allows any furniture shopper to experience the "good life" every time they pull up a chair, recline on a couch, or enjoy the convenience of a nearby table. With the full line of Trump Home furniture available here at Great Priced Furniture, we're pleased to provide you with the exactly the item you like to enjoy Trump's elegance in the comfort of your own home.

If you prefer a more laid-back family of decor, look no further than Lexington furniture brand's Tommy Bahama line. Much like the clothes and cosmetics marketed under the same name, this Lexington collection evokes warm tropical breezes, lazily swaying palm trees, and beach side villas for unmatched comfort and elegance in the room of your choice. Whether used to decorate an entire house or merely to add a little dash of island style to a porch or patio, the Tommy Bahama line from Lexington furniture is sure to impress friends and guests.

Lexington furniture provides an wide variety of furniture that expresses good taste and an eye for quality. With a commitment to superior materials and craftsmanship, you can be sure the Lexington products you buy today will be the same ones you'll enjoy in your home years later. With multiple inspection points to ensure quality, Lexington brand furniture is a durable blend of American manufactured parts and imported components that combine into a finished product that's perfect for your home.

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