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Wood Veneers More than Just a Pretty Face

Wood veneers are sheets of thinly cut wood that are applied to the face of a piece of furniture. Although typically associated with cheaply made furniture, the opposite is quite true.

All types of furniture are made using wood veneers, but the quality of the veneer is the determining aspect, not the veneer itself. Veneers have been used for centuries in furniture manufacturing, but unfortunately, the idea has been given a bad name in recent decades when poorly made furniture began substituting cheap types of wood and slapping a ill-fitting veneer over top.

What is a Veneer?

Wood veneers are thin sheets usually less than one-eighth of an inch in thickness. The thinness of a wood veneer allows you to attach the veneer directly to the furniture without creating a bulky look.

Furthermore, a large quantity of wood veneers can come out of a single tree. Veneers are glued to the furniture using a special process that will ensure permanent bonding between the two surfaces.

Why Choose a Veneer?

If you want the look of exotic wood furniture in your home, but cannot find it in your budget, then consider choosing a wood veneer. Typically, veneer furniture uses maple or some other type of hardwood to ensure quality construction and tops all visible faces with a veneer of this exotic wood.

The veneer is bound to the construction wood using special glues and heat processes that allow the bond to be permanent.

In addition to saving you a few bucks in your budget, choosing a wood veneer is great for the environment as well. Since exotic species of wood can be made to go ever further using veneer sheets, less trees are cut down.

This is a great way to ensure that you are doing your part to protect tropical areas of the world from becoming treeless areas due to over forestation.

Different Looks with Veneers

Many individuals choose wood veneers to achieve a completely different look in their homes. Instead of spending a fortune and having a piece of furniture decorated with intricate inlaid patterns, choose a veneer instead. The process is a great deal simpler, and your budget will thank you in the end.

Furthermore, you can mix and match the look of more woods by using veneered furniture as opposed to furniture that is completely made of one type of wood. Finally, since wooden veneers are lightweight, you can keep the weight down on your pieces of furniture by enjoying the look without the heft.