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Wood Stains and Finishes

When it comes to the finished look for your furniture, turn to wood stains and finishes. In addition to providing you with a specific color, these finishes can protect your wood furniture so that it can stand up to a lifetime of wear and tear while still looking its best.

There are several different types of options available regardless if you are purchasing your wood furniture with a finish or having to finish your furniture yourself. This latter option is growing in popularity and a great way to save cash in your budget while achieving the exact look that you want.

Wood Stains

Stains are pigments that are applied directly to the grain of wood to produce a unique color. Keep in mind that each color of stain will affect different types of wood in different ways.

For this reason, test a small patch of wood before committing to a stain. If you are completing the staining process yourself, your local hardware, paint, or home improvement store will probably have a display that features colors of stains on several different types of wood.

In addition to the traditional colors of stains which usually mimic the hue of certain types of wood, there are now colored stains that allow you to achieve the look of paint without losing the texture of your wood.

This is a fantastic option that works well in a wide variety of decorating styles.

Wood Finishes

A finish is designed to go overtop of the stain and protect the wood. These finishes can protect against stains, sun damage, heat, and humidity, although other methods of care may need to be put in place as well.

Oil finishes are a great way to top of the look of a wooden piece of furniture while still providing proper protection. When the finish needs rejuvenating, simply wipe it down with oil and it looks like new.

Linseed oil and tung oil are two of the most popular types of oil to finish furniture, and both are widely available.

These days, varnish is usually the method of choice for applying the finish to wooden furniture. Unlike oil finishes, a varnished finish is permanent and requires only one step.

Furthermore, most varnishes do not need polishing, so your wooden furniture keeps that brilliant shine all year round without any additional effort.

To best protect your wood, consider applying multiple layers of varnish, which will also increase the shine of your piece of furniture.