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Popular Fabrics for Furniture Upholstery

Upholstered furniture can be a large investment for your home and your family, so be sure that the type of furniture that you choose will have suitable fabric to last you for years to come.

Today, upholstered furniture is available in a huge array of fabrics, textures, patterns, and colors, so you may be overwhelmed at your choices.

Especially if you are choosing fabric to have a piece of furniture upholstered or reupholstered, carefully consider your choice, as there are many different types of upholstery fabric available.

Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fabrics have come a long way since their inception, so banish those thoughts of itchy polyester from your mind!

Avoid fabrics like acetate on pieces that will see a great deal of use, as the fabric can easily wear; however, acetate works great on those show pieces as an inexpensive and useful substitute for silk.

Similarly, acrylic fabrics can be prone to piling, but make a great substitution for wool in most situations, as they are stain and wrinkle resistant.

Microfiber is a unique type of synthetic fiber that is luxuriously soft while being practically capable of withstanding wear and tear.

Usually made from polyester fibers, microfiber mimics the look of suede, but is a great deal less expensive and requires less maintenance and care. If you are interested in the look of suede upholstery, but cannot find room in your budget or are hesitant about investing your hard earned money in a material that can be potentially ruined by a wayward glass of wine, then microfiber is your best option.

Organic Fibers

Organic fibers have been used for thousands of years to upholster furniture. The most popular type of organic fabric is cotton. Known for its durability, look, and comfort, cotton is a hard fabric to beat.

More durable materials like cotton duck or even denim see this useful fabric capable of withstanding a barrage of wear and tear. Other more delicate types of cotton are lovely enough for those formal upholstered pieces.

Another organic fiber is silk. Although you are cautioned against using silk on pieces that will see daily use, this lovely fiber is perfect for creating an elegant look. Furthermore, silk is available in a wide variety of patterns and textures, so that you can find one that best fits into the overall look in your home.

Finally, wool is a natural fiber that sees a great deal of use. Wool that is finely woven is certainly not itchy and may even have an elegant flair.

Although wool may hold in odors and attract stains, the material itself is highly durable and capable of lasting for many years to come.

Blended Fibers

One popular trend is to upholster your furniture with blended fibers. These fibers combine the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy the look of organics while keeping with the durability of synthetics.

Furthermore, many of these blended fabrics are easier on the budget, so that you can stretch your dollar even further.