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The ABCs of Upholstery Care

Upholstered furniture is a fantastic addition to any home, but it can quickly look dull and lifeless unless properly maintained. For this reason, consider the ABCs of upholstery care to keep your upholstered pieces looking fresh and new.

A – Act Quickly

When it comes to removing stains or spills, be sure to act quickly. Allowing a stain to set for a few hours (or even days) is the worst thing you can do since stains are much more difficult to remove once they are trapped within the fibers of the upholstery material.

If you happen to experience a spill or stain, immediately blot the area with a dry cloth. When the cloth is no longer picking up any liquid, begin the removal process. If your upholstered fabric is protected against stains, then the majority of potentially disastrous stains can be wiped away quickly and easily.

However, you may need to use stain removal products for those especially tough stains. Be sure to use products that will not remove dyes from the upholstery fabric and keep the area as dry as possible, since wet fibers can stretch and warp.

B – Bring in Professionals

Whether your furniture needs a proper cleaning or you have experienced a particularly difficult stain, consider brining in professional help for your upholstered furniture.

When choosing a professional cleaner, be sure that the company does not use tetrachloride-based products, as they could damage the integrity of the fabric.

Also, search for a cleaner that does not use wet methods of cleaning upholstery, since wet cleaning can damage the upholstery fabric or the filler inside your cushions.

C – Clean Regularly

A regular cleaning to remove dust from your upholstery fabric is essential in keeping your furniture looking great. Gently dust the surface of your furniture at least once a month.

In addition to removing any dusts and other allergens, this cleaning will maintain the quality of the fabric fibers. By cleaning your upholstery fabric on a regular basis, you are eliminating potential problems caused by lack of proper maintenance.

This especially includes the head and arm rests of upholstered furniture, as body oils can be transferred from the skin and hair into the fibers of the fabric.

D – Dry is Best

Instead of cleaning your upholstered items with wet cleansers, stick to dry ones. Wetting your fabric’s fibers can cause them to stretch or break, while wet filling can mold, mildew, or rot.

Whenever cleaning your upholstery items at home, stick to dry solutions and be sure to hire only professional cleaners with dry solutions as well.