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The Doís and Doníts of Leather Furniture Care


When it comes to cleaning leather furniture, there is certainly a right way and a wrong way. Since leather is a natural material, it often requires a bit more attention and care then a typical upholstery fabric. A lot of owners of leather furniture find themselves confused over the proper care and actually do more harm by completely ignoring their pieces.

The Ultra Shield Leather Furniture Extended Warranty Protection Program products are specifically formulated and designed to clean, condition, and protect top coated leather upholstery while maintaining the natural beauty of new leather furniture. Certain restrictions apply.

Do not be afraid of your leather furniture, as it will require light maintenance to keep it looking its best. Since leather will develop a natural patina over time, this process is not designed to keep your leather looking new, but rather keep your leather clean and supple for years to come.

Something as simple as regularly removing the dust from the surface of your leather furniture with a damp cloth is an excellent start in your leather furniture care.

Leather Conditioners

A key element in leather furniture care is using the proper conditioner. These special liquids are designed to return oils to the leather and keep the material soft and supple. For the best leather conditioner to use on your specific pieces of furniture, we recommend using Ultra Shield.  You can buy a kit from us including an extended warranty with any new furniture purchase.

However, just like anything else that you plan to use on your leather furniture, you should be sure to test a small piece of leather that is not visible to ensure that no negative effects will occur. Using a conditioner every two to three months is one of the keys to keeping your leather looking fantastic.

Cleaning Leather Furniture

Just like cleaners for upholstered furniture, there are cleaners available for leather furniture. Everyone will experience the occasional spill and stain, so be sure to have a bottle of this liquid on hand in the event of an accident.

The most critical thing about spills or stains is to begin work immediately to remove the mark. Wipe up any excess by carefully blotting the area. Continue doing this with a dry cloth until all liquid is gone.

Before trying leather cleanser, you can attempt to remove the stain by further blotting the area with water. In many cases, you may be able to remove the stain without any excess chemicals. However, should you need to use leather cleaner, you should be sure the chemical is water soluble.

If the stain consists of ink or is an oil-based stain, then you may need to seek professional assistance for removing the stain. When dealing with an oil-based stain (including grease or butter), do not use water, as it can worsen the stain.