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Interior Decorating Styles

What's your favorite style?

Today, decorating styles are popping up all over the place! Whether you live in Phoenix and desire a seaside theme, Aspen and dream of a Tuscan-inspired villa, or Fort Lauderdale and have a hankering for the style of the Southwest, the options are endless!


Contemporary styles are incredibly popular and allow homes to be comfortable without being cluttered. Neutral colors such as white, black, or beige are great bases for window treatments, wall covering, floor covering, and upholstered furniture.

Throw in punches of color in your accessories to add a bit of drama and flair. Focus on simple shapes and styles of furniture and accessories that use clean lines and lack any fussy extras.

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If you think traditional decorating styles are old and boring, you should think again! Traditional styles are often preferred by many individuals and feature wood grains, lovely patterns, and personalized touches.

Choose window draperies as your window treatments and look to styles of furniture like Queen Ann, with lovely, soft lines. 

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Transitional design is a relatively new take on an old thought. The combination of contemporary and traditional is appealing to many individuals.

Embracing the comfort of traditional design with the stylish looks of contemporary design, consider pairing traditional-looking furnishing with contemporary fabrics like ultrasuede or chenille.

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Country style is typically a comfortable, laid back design style. However, country design does not have to include lace curtains and farm animals around every corner.

Consider using simple fabrics with a handmade look. Natural wood tones are also popular, as are worn finishes that give a room its lived in look.

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French Country

Take a trip to France with the inclusion of French Country design to your home. Blue, yellow, and cream are the most widely used colors in the French Country design style, as are patterns like toile.

Roosters tend to pop up in unexpected places and earthenware accents are perfect. Choose furniture with a rustic look and stick to simple wooden pieces.

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Coastal Style

Who doesn’t want to live at the beach? Using a coastal style theme, you can do just that! Stick to light, refreshing shades of colors like sea foam greens and watery blues. Choose comfortable pieces of furniture and consider choosing slipcovers for your upholstered items.

Light is an essential element to coastal style, so ditch those heavy draperies and choose a gauzy, lightweight sheer window treatment instead.

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Typically, modern style is clean and contemporary with little extra to distract the eye. Low profile upholstered furnishings in neutral fabrics are one key to making a modern room pop.

Also, consider completing a monotone look, but play up texture. Even though you may have ten shades of white in a room, having ten different textures will keep the look from appearing dull or lifeless.

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The sweet cottage styles if purely feminine and whimsical. Unique touches, such as crystal chandeliers or sparkling decorative glass mirrors are likely to appear in the same space with plump upholstered chairs or worn tables.

Light, sun washed colors are another way to make the room feel comfortable. Keep fabrics on the light side and consider mixing in some pale floral patterns to the mix.

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The look of the American Southwest is always popular as a design style. Stick to color palates that include terra cotta reds, cactus greens, dusty oranges, and shots of vibrant turquoise.

Knotty pine furniture with a distressed finish is commonly found in a Southwestern styled home.

Roughly woven fabrics for upholstered furniture, window treatments, and floor coverings bring the room together. Finally, choose terra cotta or glazed ceramic tiles for hard surfaces.

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The Tuscan style is growing in popularity, and it’s no wonder! Tuscan style is usually a time worn and lived in look perfect for those individuals who want a house to look like a home.

Use aged plaster treatments on the walls and worn stones on the floors.  Simple, sturdy furniture with elegant wrought iron accents reinforce the rustic Tuscan theme.

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