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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Peters Family House Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Peters Family House

Great Priced Furniture was Extremely excited, and honored, to be chosen by ABC's hit television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Not only did we have the opportunity to help transform the home of the Peter family, but also their lives.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Peters Family House

The Peters' came to the United States from Guyana, India in search of the American Dream. During their struggles, the Peters' home had been burned on the inside causing smoke and water damage. The dream that they had been seeking, now seemed impossible. Simple things like warm water and electricity were a luxury to this family.

Jessica McClintock Heirloom Sleigh Bed.  As seen on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Now, with the help and generosity of EMHE and everyone that contributed, the Peters' are back on their feet and stronger than ever! Learn more about the Peter family on ABC's site. Great Priced Furniture was the perfect fit to furnish the Romance Room. You just can't get more romantic than Jessica McClintock Heirloom Collection. The look is unquestionably romantic, appealing to ladies from young children to teen and even their mothers.