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Great Priced Furniture.
Building a Successful Business with Green, Eco-Friendly Values.

The world is a fine thing and worth fighting for. Here at Great Priced Furniture, we all share a common belief and philosophy about protecting our environment. And our 'Green Eco-Vision Statement' guides us in our quest to achieve our goals. Our Green Strategy is a 'work in progress' and although we recognize we still have more work to do, every little bit does help and it helps today and tomorrow.

We are proud to be associated with two of our major furniture brands, 'Stanley' and their 'Young America' children's furniture sub-division who are also committed to a cleaner community. Because of its extraordinary commitment to protect the environment, Stanley Furniture Company's Martinsville, VA plant has been named a member of the EPA's prestigious National Environmental Performance Track program.   Click HERE for more details.

Stanley Furniture is the first company in the furniture industry to receive this prestigious designation and it encourages others in our industry to consider taking the necessary steps to qualify for the same recognition.


Reuse. Recycle and Refuse.

Great Priced Furniture is located on a 20 acre tract of land in a busy, highly populated area near the State Port Authority in Wilmington, NC.  We have retained 12 acres of land in an effort to improve local air quality and this forest area is home to a wide variety of wildlife.

We only purchase 'Energy Star' rated electronic equipment and every employee knows how to make a difference by taking simple actions such as turning off computers at the end of the day, and only printing documents when absolutely necessary. We refill our printer toner cartridges and wherever possible, embrace the 'conference call' as a more eco-friendly alternative to business road trips and air travel. Medium-size corporations such as ourselves may not have the large corporation budgets to deploy the latest and most expensive green technologies, but there are plenty of steps we can take to limit our environmental impact. Basically we try to observe the three Rs. Reuse it. Recycle it and Refuse to buy it if it is excessively packaged, not recyclable or wasteful.
  As a young, successful business, we have a multiplicity of performance goals, and we are now working towards building an even more successful business based on green values that make a tangible difference to the environment and all our lives.

We have reduced energy usage in our corporate offices by 66% by implementing a number of energy saving initiatives including the installation of reflective roofing materials and super-efficient insulation. In addition, our new 3-stage heating and cooling air system is controlled by automatic thermostats which adjust the temperature when our offices are not occupied. They significantly optimize energy efficiency and reduce outside emissions.

Changing the filters in our advanced air-filtration system every 30 days instead of the suggested 90 days ensures cleaner air in our offices and our staff exposure to airborne pollutants is reduced to negligible levels.