<h1>Cedar Chest Collection by Lane Home Furniture</h1> <h2>Eddie Bauer Hunts Point Hall Tree</h2> <h2>Olivia Pine Wedding Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Abigail Pine Wedding Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Addison Hall Tree Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Addison Mission Oak Hall Tree Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Addison Antique Black Hall Tree Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Addison Pine Hall Tree Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Leighton Cherry Storage Locker Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Leighton Mission Oak Storage Locker Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Leighton Pine Storage Locker Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Hannah I Antique Black Wood Top Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Braeden Cherry Deep Chest</h2> <h2>Eddie Bauer Hunts Point Sidonia Tall Chest</h2> <h2>Preston Cherry Tall Sweater Chest</h2> <h2>Preston Pine Tall Sweater Chest</h2> <h2>Preston Mission Tall Sweater Chest</h2> <h2>Preston Antique Black Tall Sweater Chest</h2> <h2>Stratford I Oak Upholstered Top Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Stratford II Cherry Upholstered Top Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Anniversary II Cherry Upholstered Top Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Anniversary I Oak Upholstered Top Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Kensington I Oak Deep Storage Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Kensington II Cherry Deep Storage Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Bountiful III Cherry Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Brantley Oak Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Brantley Cherry Cedar Chest</h2> <h2>Ogee Shaped Apon Cherry Cedar Chest</h2>
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Cedar Chest Collection

Manufacturer: Lane Home Furniture

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Made by Lane, this new generation of storage is designed to suit today's busy lifestyles. The hall tree, storage locker and tall chest are as functional as they are beautiful. Utilizing the efficacy of cedar protection, this collection will keep your valuable linens, sweaters, blankets, and memorabilia safe for generations to come. Each chest is lined in cedar which carries a $1000 free moth damage warranty. Choose from a wide assortment of styles and sizes offered in a variety of finishes-oak, cedar, cherry, and pine.