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Eastlake 2 Collection

Manufacturer: Broyhill Furniture

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The Eastlake 2 Collection represents a contemporary lifestyle with its reeded accents, tapering legs with metal ferrules and satin finished nickel drawer pulls. Modern lines on a soft brown finish create a stylistic setting for any uptown retreat. Hidden details such as dovetail joinery on drawers, felt lined drawers, and reinforced corner construction are signs of pride in craftsmanship which assures your satisfaction. The under-bed storage option offers extra space to maintain a less cluttered living environment or for smaller spaces such as a guest room that may not accommodate all pieces in the Eastlake 2 Collection.

GPF Product Number: 51241633
Eastlake 2 Panel Bed Bedroom Set
GPF Product Number: 51241632
Eastlake 2 Panel Bed and Panel Bed w/Storage Set
GPF Product Number: 30319
Eastlake 2 Media Chest
GPF Product Number: 30320
Eastlake 2 7 Drawer Dresser
GPF Product Number: 30321
Eastlake 2 7 Drawer Dresser w/Mirror
GPF Product Number: 30322
Eastlake 2 5 Drawer Chest
GPF Product Number: 30323
Eastlake 2 Nightstand

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