<h1>Eden Collection by AICO Furniture</h1> <h2>King Eastern Rails and Wood Slats</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Poster Bed - Queen Size</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Poster Bed - King Size</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Poster Bed - California King Size</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Bedside Chest with Marble Top</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Dresser with Marble Top</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Dresser & Mirror</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Chest</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Armoire</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Double Pedestal Rectangular Dining Table</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Side Chair</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Arm Chair</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Sideboard</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Sideboard & Mirror</h2> <h2>Aico Eden China Cabinet & Buffet</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Curio</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Entertainment Center (42 in TV)</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Left Bookcase</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Right Bookcase</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Big Screen TV Entertainment Wall Unit</h2> <h2>Eden Commercial Office Stacking Bookcase 3 pieces</h2> <h2>Eden Curio Base</h2> <h2>Eden. Credenza Hutch Top</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Bar</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Swivel Bar Stool</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Entertainment Center (50 in TV)</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Fireplace</h2> <h2>Eden Rectangular Cocktail Table</h2> <h2>Eden Credenza with Hutch</h2> <h2>Eden Glass Top Desk</h2> <h2>Eden Leather Swivel Desk Chair</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Desk with Glass Top</h2> <h2>Eden End Table</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Credenza & Hutch</h2> <h2>Eden Commercial Office Medium Wall 3 pieces</h2> <h2>Eden Commercial Office Executive U-shape with Hutch</h2> <h2>Eden King Sleigh Bed</h2> <h2>Eden Leather Swivel Desk Chair</h2> <h2>Eden. Credenza Base</h2> <h2>Eden Desk</h2> <h2>Glass Top for Eden Desk</h2> <h2>Eden Mirror for Dresser</h2> <h2>Eden Chest Base</h2> <h2>Eden Fabric Back Side Chair</h2> <h2>Eden Arm Chair Fabric Back</h2> <h2>Cocktail Table</h2> <h2>Wood Trim Camelback Sofa</h2> <h2>Wood Trim Camelback Loveseat</h2> <h2>Wood Trim Chair</h2> <h2>Wood Trim Chair and a half</h2> <h2>Ottoman</h2> <h2>Eden Fireplace Insert</h2> <h2>Sofa Table</h2> <h2>Eden 50 inch TV Console (only)</h2> <h2>Eden Freestanding 3 Drawer Lateral File</h2> <h2>Eden Stacking Bookcase</h2> <h2>Eden Freestanding 4 Drawer Lateral File</h2> <h2>Eden Single Pedestal Dining Bale Table Base</h2> <h2>Eden Triple Edge 60 Glass Top ONLY</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Wood Trim Camelback Sofa</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Wood Trim Camelback Loveseat</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Wood Trim Chair and a Half</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Wood Trim Chair</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Bullion Ottoman</h2> <h2>exquisite eden beveled mirror</h2> <h2>Eden Chest Base</h2> <h2>Upholstered Back Arm Chairs</h2> <h2>Cocktail Table</h2> <h2>End Table</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Cocktail Table</h2> <h2>Aico Eden End Table</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Sofa Table</h2> <h2>Exquisite Eden Beveled Mirror</h2> <h2>Eden Collection Credenza Shell</h2> <h2>Eden Collection Deep Pedestal, box/box/file</h2> <h2>Eden Collection Bridge</h2> <h2>Eden Left Bookcase Unit</h2> <h2>Eden Right Bookcase Unit</h2> <h2>Eden Left Pier - Audio Cabinet</h2> <h2>Eden Right Pier - Audio Cabinet</h2> <h2>Eden Right Bookcase</h2> <h2>Eden Collection Spice Wood Trim Chair</h2> <h2>Eden Left Audio Cabinet</h2> <h2>Eden Right Audio Cabinet</h2> <h2>Eden Left Bookcase Unit</h2> <h2>Eden Right Bookcase Unit</h2> <h2>Eden Collection 50 TV Console Only 2/11</h2> <h2>Eden Collection Light Bridge Only 2/11</h2> <h2>Eden Sideboard Mirror Amaretto Finish</h2> <h2>Eden Barstool</h2> <h2>Aico Eden Fireplace</h2>
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Eden Collection

Manufacturer: AICO Furniture

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Eden is the original garden of Paradise. The most beautiful place on earth where love first blossomed and all things of beauty co-existed in true bliss. This Eden Collection of fine furniture is a true expression of Paradise where every facet, surface and texture, every reflection of light and dark shadow blend into a truly stunning collection of furniture fit for a King and Queen.

The European 'Old World' styling features exquisite details. Lion's Paw feet on case pieces, dramatic intricate carvings, curved beveled glass and marble tops add to the charm and appeal of this wonderful furniture. Expertly crafted from Birch solid hardwood with handsome veneers and Ash burls, this unique Collection is finished in a slightly antiqued and distressed Amaretto finish. The Silver Dry Brushing combines with the jewel-like marble accents and lustrous wood finish to create a picture of breath taking beauty.

The detail specifications of all the pieces in the Eden Collection are first class and reflect the five star quality of this magnificent furniture.

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