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Modern Craftsman Driftwood Living Room Collection

Manufacturer: Stanley Furniture

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Add depth to a room with Stanley Furniture's new Modern Craftsman Collection. The entire collection fits together like a nostalgic puzzle from a simpler time of hand craftsmanship but with a clean finish to fit a home of almost any era.

The Modern Craftsman by Stanley has four distinct finishes that can alter the entire look. The Mink Finish is a dark, elegant tone, while the Saddle Finish is a lighter, more natural shade that shows off details like the Exposed Joinery, Overlapping Joints, and Fitters Margin. These features are also emphasized in the Driftwood Finish which is the most rustic of the finishes. The Driftwood Finished Living Room Collection is paired with a slightly tarnished metal which makes for great conversational accent pieces. The Tobacco Finish features an Auburn gleam with emphasized low-lights that flaunt the grain of the wood.

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Modern Craftsman by Stanley combines a few new elements while holding on to all the right characteristics of the past in order to make this collection a part of your everyday.

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GPF Product Number: 29531
Modern Craftsman Driftwood Henry Russell Drawer End Table
GPF Product Number: 29532
Modern Craftsman Driftwood Henry Russell Conversation Table
GPF Product Number: 29533
Modern Craftsman Driftwood Joinery Cross Table
GPF Product Number: 29534
Modern Craftsman Driftwood Robie House Screen

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