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Featured Furniture Products

New Furniture Arrivals

It's always nice to see new furniture arrivals from your favorite furniture retailer. There is a constant overturn of furniture for each and every room in the house as more and more people are beginning to not only remodel their homes but keep them up to date on a more current and constant basis. This means that the more people buy the more new arrivals are going to come in. For those of you who are patient you can wait for new arrivals and see the new styles and designs before making any final decisions when it comes to your furniture.
Featured Furniture Products
GPF Product Number: 51236815
Tribecca Gathering Table
Dining Set

GPF Product Number: 51236864
Camden Black Gathering Table
Dining Set

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GPF Product Number: 51241734
Torres Leather Chair and
Ottoman Set

GPF Product Number: 30845
Lexington Tommy Bahama Road
to Canberra Collection Torres
Leather Sofa

GPF Product Number: 51241732
Elle Leather Chair and
Ottoman Set

GPF Product Number: 51241737
Lamour Buffet and Fontaine
Mirror Set

GPF Product Number: 51241735
Harlow Panel Bed Set

GPF Product Number: 30895
Lexington Mirage Collection
Roger's Writing Desk

GPF Product Number: 30894
Lexington Mirage Collection
Allyson Entertainment Console

GPF Product Number: 30892
Lexington Mirage Collection
Kelly Bookcase

GPF Product Number: 30887
Lexington Mirage Collection
Hayworth Lamp Table

GPF Product Number: 30885
Lexington Mirage Collection
Stanwyck Glass Top Accent

GPF Product Number: 30884
Lexington Mirage Collection
Bacall Lamp Table

GPF Product Number: 30882
Lexington Mirage Collection
Taylor Lamp Table

GPF Product Number: 30878
Lexington Mirage Collection
Russell Glass Top Cocktail

GPF Product Number: 30874
Lexington Mirage Collection
Leigh Arm Chair (PAIR)

GPF Product Number: 30867
Lexington Mirage Collection
Leigh Side Chairs (PAIR)

GPF Product Number: 30866
Lexington Mirage Collection
Stuart Leather Chairs (PAIR)

GPF Product Number: 30849
Lexington Mirage Collection
Garland Dresser

GPF Product Number: 51241746
Cambridge Upholstered Sofa

GPF Product Number: 51241745
Bromley Leather Upholstered
Sofa Set

GPF Product Number: 51241743
Ava Upholstered Sofa Set

GPF Product Number: 51239804
Larissa Sofa Set

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