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Kitchen Bar Stools

Looking for the perfect bar stools that will set your bar apart from the rest? Our unparalleled selection of bar stools gives you more options, more styles and more varieties of stools to choose from than anyone else! We have basic wood and metal stools, high-quality leather covered stools and even adjustable lift stools that can accommodate people of any height. No matter what look you?re going for, whether it is a kitchen breakfast bar or a basement romper room bar, we?ve got the stools you?re looking for!
Featured Furniture Products

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GPF Product Number: 29537
Modern Craftsman Tobacco
Morris School Bar Stool (Pair)

GPF Product Number: 29107
Hooker Bar Stools Stellene
Bar Stool

GPF Product Number: 29106
Hooker Bar Stools Stellene
Counter Stool

GPF Product Number: 28764
Alston Black Leather Bistro

GPF Product Number: 27746
Diamond Black Barstools (2)

GPF Product Number: 25869
Park View Swivel Barrel Back
Bar Stool Medium Oak Finish

GPF Product Number: 25868
Park View Swivel Bar Stool
Brown Oak Finish

GPF Product Number: 51240612
O'Shea Backless Swivel Stool

GPF Product Number: 25780
Malone Backless Bar Stool
Dark Red Cherry

GPF Product Number: 51240588
Venus Swivel Backless
Barstool Collection

GPF Product Number: 51240579
Venus Swivel Bar Stool Half
Back Collection

GPF Product Number: 25617
Arbor Hill Non-Swivel Counter
Stool Bentwood Seat and
Mission Back 2 Chairs

GPF Product Number: 51240615
Lakeview Swivel Wood Back
Stool Collection Faux
Leather Seat

GPF Product Number: 51240614
Lakeview Swivel Slate Back
Stool Collection Faux
Leather Seat

GPF Product Number: 24236
Cheyenne Dark Oak Barstool 2

GPF Product Number: 23603
Aico Oppulente Swivel Bar

GPF Product Number: 51239576
Lamberto Wheat Back Bar
Stool Set

GPF Product Number: 51239574
Lamberto Bar Stool Set

GPF Product Number: 21805
Ozario Black Bar Stools 2

GPF Product Number: 20704
Hemstead Counter Height Bar
Stools 2 Stools Total

GPF Product Number: 20423
Tommy Bahama Home Kingstown
Dunkirk Swivel Bar Stool

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